1st Event -  Perosa Argentina, 1st-3rd December 2016

The first event of the CLOE project has been held in Perosa Argentina from 1 to 3 December.


The event has seen the participation of representatives from 7 different European countries, experts and politician representatives.


In the first part of the event, the Experts presented the different EU strategies and policies in the field of integration and management of immigrants and refugees. In particular has been presented the European Agenda who responds to the priorities identified in the Political Guidelines of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Subsequently, they analysed the different types of immigration flows that EU is facing in this time, and showed how immigration is one of the most pressing challenge the EU faces today. After the presentations of the experts, the participations have had the opportunity to discuss and debate and different viewpoints emerged, also concerning the role of the European Union. During the work the participants, coming from different realities, presented the experience of integration of immigrants and refugees in their territories.


The event has seen the participation of Diaconia Valdes, a territorial  No profit Association, actively  engaged in the management of immigrants and refugees, who permitted the active participation of refugees and nationals from third country. They have had the opportunity to present their own experience, debating and discussing with the participants.

In the afternoon, through a Round Table, participants together with nationals from third countries have had the opportunity to debate in order to evaluate the possibility to develop a common strategy.


In the evening has been organized an interethnic dinner, who was prepared by refugees and immigrants.