4th Event -  Mazara del Vallo, 26th-28th June 2017

The 4th event of the CLOE has been held in Mazara del Vallo, from 26 to 28 June. The event has seen the participation of the different delegations and, in order to strengthen the active participation, of the local civil society associations. According to the peculiarities of the hosting territory, the topic of the event was the fight against euroscepticism and the European active citizenship. During the event has been presented the situation in the different EU countries and the risks arising from the raising of euroscepticism. Participant had the opportunities to debate and discuss, by stressing, in the current European context, the importance of an effective European solidarity between countries.


The event opened with the institutional greetings of MR Vito Gancitano, President of the Municipality Council of Mazara del Vallo, who stressed the historical integration between communities in the City. During the first part of the event MR Francesco Sammaritano, deepened the euroscepticism in the European Union, by highlighting the necessity of a structural reform of the Union in order to strengthen the solidarity and develop a social Europe. During its intervention he showed as the anti-european parties have grown so much in the last years producing effects as the Brexit after the victory of the leave in the UK referendum. Following the presentation the delegates had the opportunity to discuss about the importance of active citizenship and on the future of the EU. The event continued with the intervention of the delegates who presented the situation of euroscepticism in their countries and territories.


During the afternoon has been organized a meeting with the local civil society association who are engaged in the promotion of active citizenship; has been also organized meetings with the CSOs who works with the refugees and with the Tunisian community of Mazara del Vallo. Works continued in the afternoon with a round table on how reinforce and preserve the European Union. The event finished with a discussion about the last conference who will be organized in Brussels in October where participants has made important contribution concerning the organization of the conference in order to maximize the effects of the project.