The Final Conference of the CLOE has been held, the 21 November, in the building of the European Parliament, thanks to the active participation of some MEPs. The participants had the opportunity to deepen the past events and the different activities develop along the project implementation.


The Conference revolved around the future of Europe Union. With an eye towards the future, the participants, including many young students, had the opportunity to debate about the current EU crisis and especially about the future of the European Union, about the Europe that they wants.
Mr. Emanuel Garavello presented the White Paper on the Future of Europe and the different possible scenarios.  The presentation of the White Paper stimulated a strong debate. Participants presented their European Vision, and it is important to highlight that the majority of them believes that we need to further strengthen the European integration, because a stronger Europe is the only way to ensure people wellbeing and overcome the crisis we are crossing.  For the participants the European Union and its members are facing fundamental changes, following the debt crisis, refugee crisis, Brexit etc., and the only way out to the crisis is to strengthen Europe integration, but at the same time also to develop new reforms at EU level.

In the next months, each partner will develop discussions and debates about the Future of Europe in its territory. 

After the Conference the CLOE delegations, had the opportunity, thanks to the active participation of MEPs, to visit the building of the European Parliament.