...with Fabio Roccuzzo

" Today  Europe is called to cope with the largest migration since World War II. The conflicts in the Middle East and the Near North Africa have put a strain on the seal of the European Institutions and in particular of the states of the border. The whole system of relations between the States, which make up the European Union, is going through a violent wave of Euroscepticism which has generated worry and mistrust.


Migration flows, inevitably generate strong pressure on regional  and  local authorities, which have become irreplaceable primary actors of migration policies and welcome. It’s enough to mention  Lampedusa island, for years now the port of call for tens of thousands of migrants which, in the collective imagination, has become synonymous of welcome and hospitality.


A Closer Europe, in front of this scenario, has set a goal to share management policies regarding welcoming models, comparing various cultural and geographical experiences from the institutions and civil society.


The first seminar held at the end of last year in Piemonte, in the municipalities of the Montana Union of the municipalities of Chisone and Germanasca Valleys, has allowed us to outline the strategies and European policies in the field of welcome and integration of migrants. In the next days, in Wiernsheim in Germany, we will begin to study, and further develop, all design areas and in particular we will evaluate how, within the communication strategies, the media can help to combat stereotypes and discourage discrimination.


I would like to thank all project partners for their extraordinary contribution to Close Europe and the professionalism with which they are transferring their experiences in the field and their models of application of welcoming policies for migrants."