European Union is facing an extraordinary migrant crisis, the greatest movement of immigrants and refugees since the Second World War. These flows generate strong pressures on the EU Countries and especially on the Local Authorities. Municipalities have become important actors in the field of migration/integration policies; they are often the main direct providers of welfare services. Anyway, also because of the economic downturn, the activities and services for immigrants often raise discontent and an anti-European sentiment among citizens, who ascribe them the negative effects on public safety and welfare.


Starting from the assumption that immigration is a complex phenomenon, which have social and cultural implications, this project intends to develop a network between Municipalities and CSOs in order:


  • To share best practices in the field of management of immigrants;
  • To create a fora to discuss common solutions and new policy approaches for immigrants’ integration;
  • Identify new methods of work in the field of policies of the reception;
  • Combatting stigmatisation and encourage intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding;
  • Promoting EU values and principles;
  • Foster debate on the euroscepticism.


In accordance with the objectives and priorities of this program, the methodology of the project will be based on an inclusive approach, which will characterize the different activities. A successful strategy of integration and promotion is the result of a collaborative process involving different stakeholders; in this sense will be involved Local Authorities and Association of Local Authorities  (more than 100 Municipalities); CSOs, and also nationals from third-country thanks to the participation of specific non-profit organization like Rete Near (description below).


In order to reach the objectives, the working method will provide different activities:


  • Public conferences;
  • Round tables;
  • Workshops;
  • Project Planning Workshops.