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Association Focus Europe

Focus Europe association is a non-profit organization of local authorities established in 2007. Focus Europe is an Italian based association, but it has an office in Brussels and it is in close contact with the European institutions. Its mission is to help local authorities to understand and implement European policies, to support internationalization processes, to foster European citizenship and to increase the sense of ownership of the EU by empowering its members to play a central role in the democratic life of the EU. Focus Europe supports its member to enhance local attractiveness helping them to elaborate adequate policies, initiative and project proposals in order to foster inclusive and sustainable growth consistently with Lisbon strategy and Europe 2020 targets. The association is particularly sensitive towards the promotion of EU integration and values, as an essential element for the strengthening of the Union.

In the past years Focus Europe has regularly organized conferences and workshop for its member on the Lisbon and the Innovation Union strategies, on youth and social policies and on European funding programmes.

Concerning this project is important to consider that many Municipalities members of Focus Europe are located in Sicilly; they represents a geophysical bridge between the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

Focus Europe also strongly encourage its members to enhance European cooperation and to build European partnership through network building activities between municipalities from all over Europe.
Focus Europe has a great experience of project management. With regard to "Europe for citizens" programme, in the past years Focus Europe supported local authorities in elaborating and implementing twinning projects. Focus Europe promoted and coordinated different Europe for Citizens projects ( PARK; EuTrace; Euromine; Euronetlang; Euromigmob; Enpcom ect).